Scientific Programme

Time Wednesday Thursday Friday
08:30 Registration and welcome
09:00 Keynote 1: L. Crespo Keynote 3: D. Moens(see presentation slides) Keynote 5: J. Hall
09:40 #56 Rajib Chowdhury: An efficient framework for robust design optimization #97 George Stefanou: Stochastic finite elements based on material microstructure #108 Milan Holicky: Probabilistic Models for Climatic Actions
10:00 #55 Marcos Valdebenito: First Excursion Probability Estimation for Uncertain Linear Dynamical Systems Applying Meta-models #41 Marc Fina: Numerical Stochastic Buckling Analysis of Structures with Random Distributed Geometrical and Material Imperfections(see presentation slides) #45 Jie Song: Sensitivity of probabilistic tsunami loss estimation to stochastic tsunami modelling
10:20 #62 Jin Hyuk Kang: An efficient method for reliability analysis of highly safety-critical components under various uncertainties #34 Xiaoyi Zhou: Reliability Analysis of Laminated Fibre Reinforced Composites Using Stochastic Multi-scale Finite Element Method #49 Marco Torbol: Smooth particle hydrodynamic models for probabilistic tsunami hazard analysis
10:40 Coffee break
11:00 #22 Irene Tartaruga: Probabilistic bounds for correlated aircraft loads using geometrical considerations #25 Frank Coolen: Imprecise system reliability using the survival signature #59 Petra Mlejnkova: Coal power plants replacements with Small Modular Reactors – A UK case study
11:20 #57 Stefan Bracke: The estimation of failure behaviour and risk prognosis in product fleets in the usage phase: Comparison of methods RAPP, Eckel, Kaplan-Meier #92 Christoph Doell: Analysis of a Major-Accident Dataset by Association Rule Mining to Minimise Unsafe Interfaces
11:40 #46 Marcin Hinz: Quantitative examination of uncertainties in the reliability analysis of field data #65 Roland Schoebi: Free versus parametric probability-boxes in uncertainty quantification #44 Maria Steiner: Quality of Estimated Sensitivity Indices Based on Metamodels
12:00 #95 Anna Kucerova: Global sensitivity-based robust experiment design for identification of thermophysical parameters #35 Michael Oberguggenberger & Thomas Fetz: Monte Carlo simulation with imprecise random variables (see presentation slides) #99 Pierre Beaurepaire: Tolerance analysis of a wiper blade using the probabilistic approach
12:20 #113 Alex Diaz de la O: Hyper-parameter Sampling for Emulators of Computer Experiments #24 Dirk Proske: First Results Of The Conditional Spectra Application For The Cdf/Lerf-Evaluation #50 Daniil Yurchenko: Dynamics and control of a marine crane payload
12:40 Lunch break
13:40 Keynote 2: A. Beck Keynote 4: S. Adhikari #85 Sviatoslav Timashev: Holistic Analysis of ILI Data in the Context of Achieving High-Sizing Accuracy
14:00 #89 Petr Konecny: Probabilistic Evaluation of Concrete Bridge Performance Considering Waterproof Membrane and Epoxy-Coated Reinforcement(see presentation slides)
14:20 #101 Hector Jensen: Implementation of an adaptive meta-model for Bayesian inverse finite element modeling #115 Peter Green: Grey-box modelling of a friction-affected dynamical system(see presentation slides) #105 Tanmoy Mukhopadhyay: Stochastic analysis for in-plane elastic moduli of irregular honeycombs with viscoelastic properties
14:40 #94 Jesus Luque: Reliability-based optimal inspection planning of structural systems using dynamic Bayesian networks #78 Chris L. Pettit: A Wavelet-Based Model of Heterogenous Terrestrial Media Coffee break
15:00 #54 Adéla Pospíšilová: Multi-Objective Reliability-Based Design Optimization using Adaptively Updated Surrogate Model during Optimization #37 Daniil Yurchenko: Accelarating A Numerical Path Integration Method #74 Agathoklis Giaralis: Derivation of time-dependent equivalent linear properties of bilinear hysteretic systems subject to pulse-like ground motions via a stochastic dynamics approach
15:20 Coffee break #17 Frank Grooteman: Inverse probabilistic analyses of composite part distortion
15:00 #54 Adéla Pospíšilová: Multi-Objective Reliability-Based Design Optimization using Adaptively Updated Surrogate Model during Optimization #37 Daniil Yurchenko: Accelarating A Numerical Path Integration Method #67 Drahomir Novak: Database Of Fracture-Mechanical Concrete Parameters And Its Implementation Into Reliability Software Freet(see presentation slides)
15:40 #88 Roberto Rocchetta: Simulation-Based probabilistic Risk assessment framework of power distribution grid accounting for different Electric Vehicles Control Strategies #91 Robby Caspeele: Acceptable Range for structural fire resistance in Performance Based Designs Closure
16:00 #112 Francesca Marsili: Parameter Identification via Gpce-Based Stochastic Inverse Methods for Reliability Assessment of Existing Structure(see presentation slides) #90 Sónia Marques & Youbao Jiang: Robustness of Geotechnical and Structural Partial Factor Design to European and Asian Codes
16:20 #80 Alfredo Garbuno-Inigo: Efficient sampling of Gaussian process hyper-parameters #29 Dimitrios Pachakis: A Real Options Approach for Estimating Optimum Seismic Upgrade Time of Seaport Facilities
16:40 #33 Yuanjin Zhang: A Compressive Sensing Based Approach For Power Spectrum Estimation Of Multi-Variate Stochastic Processes Under Missing Data #53 SeongYeop Lee: Probabilistic Analysis for Rattle Occurrence of plastic components undergoing Thermal Degradation

Social Events Overview

08:30 Wednesday 4th Registration and welcome Foresight Centre
12:40 all days Refreshments and Lunch Foresight Centre
18:00 Wednesday 4th City tour Pier Head Mersey
19:30 Thursday 5th Banquet Anfield Stadium
20:30 Friday 6th Night life experience Philharmonic pub

Social Programme

Wednesday 4th November
Cultural walking tour: starting at 18:00 hrs from Pier Head Mersey Ferries Terminal Building. The cost of the tour is £7.50 per person. Please register here: Registration Cultural walking tour
Thursday 5th November: Banquet at the Anfield Stadium (Liverpool FC)
The conference banquet will be held in the mythic Anfield Stadium, home to the 5-time Champions League winner Liverpool Football Club! The walk through the musem of Liverpool FC begins at 19:30. The dinner starts at 20:15. An unforgettable dinner overlooking the pitch, after a reception at the Liverpool FC Museum, will be the perfect scene for a relaxed exchange of knowledge and expertise in probabilistic methods, uncertainty quantification, safety and risk management! Everything included in the conference fee.
Friday 6th November: nightlife experience
A relaxed walk through the city centre, for however wants to have a drink and expirience the thrilling Liverpool nightlife.

IPW2015 Conference timeline:

30th June 2015:
Submission of abstract
15th July 2015:
Notification of abstract acceptance
20th September 2015:
Final paper submission (optional)
20th October 2015:
Registration deadline
30th October 2015:
Final Programme
4th-6th November 2015:
Institute for Risk and Uncertainty The University of Liverpool

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